"GYST workshops are immersive and experiential, with a focus on delivering practical learning, uplifting inspiration and self-realisations which act as a catalyst for change. I want women to feel inspired, engaged and determined!" 

Fun and free-flowing, GYST founder Lauren connects in a way which makes you feel as if you are having a wine with a friend, swearing included.

This workshop is where women come to discover who they are and how to unleash that badass bitch into the world.

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"she said what!?"

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Lauren will guide you lovingly in self-discovering:

》What really motivated you to come and check this out

》Grounding techniques to leave the bullshit at the door

》Clarity on the things which are weighing you down and creating concern for you

》 Control over the things which get in the way of your ability to be your badass self

》You will discover your personal core values which make up 'the real you'

》Identify the strengths you already have available in your badass toolkit

》Understand what it is your really want

》 Determine the next steps your heart is telling you to take

》Design the life you want and learn how to unleash your BADASS into the world

Allow at least 3 hours for this three part series which can be paused and completed at your own pace. Part 2 & 3 include downloadable workbooks.

  • $29.00

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Access Your Inner Badass